Weds May 3rd & May 10th 2023

Our popular 'Intro to Racing' nights are back for 2023. This is a friendly and supportive no-pressure introduction to racing blending coaching and racing into one structured evening with well organised officals, experienced BC coaches and seasoned racing cyclists. 

6:30pm - Riders arrive & sign on (strictly no arrival earlier, arrive dressed and ready to ride).
6.45pm - Circuit open for familiarisation/warm up.
7.00pm - Short structured coached session led by a British Cycling qualified coach (25mins)
7.25pm - Pre-race briefing at start line.
             - Practice Race Men #1 - 7 mins + 3 laps (approx.11 mins total)
             - Practice Race Women #1 - 7 mins + 3 laps
             - Main Race Men #2 - 13 mins + 3 laps (approx.17 mins total)
             - Main Race Women #2 - 13 mins + 3 laps 
8.30pm - Approx Finish 

We shall be using the smaller original circuit so the group not racing can train on the hairpin portion of the circuit with a coach. The coached session at 7pm will covering riding in a group, safe maneuvering and cornering.  A qualified BC coach will lead the session with the help of experienced racers and assistant coaches.
Men and women will race in separate races. Max race fields are reduced compared to our usual Reg C+ races. 
Weds May 3rd >>>

Weds May 10th >>>
Who are the sessions for?
- 4th Category Male BC license holders and those without a BC license or even BC membership.
- 3rd or 4th Category Female license holders and those without a BC license or even BC membership.
- Junior men and women are also very welcome.
The second part of the evening will be the no pressure informal races which will be a Go Race classified event (rather than Regional C+) rated which means there will be no BC points on offer so there will be no points grabbers present and less pressure on all. The result will still be logged with BC so it will still count! There is no pressure to race the whole race if you don't want to, you can safely pull out with 1 lap to go if you don't want to contest the final sprint. The first race will be a short practice race and the second will be the big race where places are decided where you can use your skills learned in the first race and coaching sessions. 

An extensive pre-race briefing via email will cover pre race reading/viewing, bike preparation, what to wear, license info, arriving, the signing on process, race numbers, warm up, briefing, race starts etc etc step by step in detail. There will also be a pre-race briefing on the night.

DAY LICENSES - there maybe the requirement to purchase a Day License from BC - see our useful info page for clarification.
In summary Bronze/Silver/Gold British Cycling RACE members don't need a day license but RIDE members and NON BC members need to purchase  £5 day license via the organising club. This is for insurance purposes so is very important. 

We are an experienced, understanding and friendly team with years of experience of running races for men and women. In fact we are one of the few race organisers who have always run totally separate races for women.

Our safety record is very good at the Bomber but professional first aid is always present at every event as a precaution.

Do drop us a line if you have any queries or concerns.